Separate Collection of Textile

Containers for separate collection of textiles

The members of the Association have collected over 6 000 tons of textile products in Bulgaria, and nearly 70% were collected in Sofia. We have more than 280 containers for textile waste placed in over 30 municipalities nationwide, which have a special locking mechanism so that waste cannot be removed.
Two of the Association’s member companies – Texcycle and Texaid – have concluded contracts with Sofia Municipality and ensure the collection and subsequent processing of unnecessary textiles. There are 150 different locations in Sofia.
The waste collected from the containers is transported to Textile Ecocenters for processing, sorting, and preparation for reuse and recycling. Textiles are separated by type: the reusable ones are split from the rest, which are either cut up and are being used as cotton rags or handed over to other companies for proper recycling and utilization. Non-reusable textile materials are sorted by color. Their buttons and zippers are passed on to produce insulating padding.
List of addresses of containers for separate collection of textile waste, located in Sofia municipality, can be found HERE.

Clothes collection

TexCycle collects clothes and shoes in specialized containers, providing transportation and further utilizations after sorting them in specialized centers. TexCycle provides free clothing to those who need it, upon received information from social assistance institutions from the municipalities where textile is collected.

The containers are in more than 30 municipalities, including not only the largest cities in Bulgaria. More information you can find here


In every Mania and Mania OUTLET store in Sofia you can find special containers for the collection of clothes, shoes, and textiles. These containers are accessible for anyone who wants to donate their unnecessary textiles.
Thanks to this initiative, Mania is supporting a great social cause – the funds earned from the campaign will help “One of 8” Foundation to continue to support women with breast cancer in Bulgaria.

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Remix Bag is a service, developed by the leader in online trade of second-hand clothes, which allows you to send your unwanted clothes. After their processing and further sale, you can get a percentage of the price.

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“Texaid Bulgaria” is a subsidiary company of “TEXAID” – Switzerland (, one of the leaders in collection and trade of second-hand clothes in Europe. The parent company holds a share of 75% of the clothes collected in Switzerland and 10% in Germany. That makes 50 000 tons (4 000 railroad cars, filled with clothes) which are being recycled every year.

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